23rd June 2007

Beretta. Model 76 Standard.

Model 76 Standard

The Beretta mod. 76 Standard cal. .22 L.R. is a semiautomatic, blow-back, single action handgun.


a. Barrel (#1)
The 150 mm cylindrical barrel is linked up with the frame through a T-shaped sole (25 mm long) positioned under the chamber.

b. Barrel-counterweight (#2)
The counterweight is fixed to the barrel by a screw (#3) and a spring pin (#4). An upper grooved rib supports the interchangeable front sight (#5) and the micrometrically adjustable rear sight (#7-10).
The pistol is supplied with 3 front sights of the same height but of different thickness. The 3 mm front sight is factory mounted and the 2.5 mm and 2 mm ones are supplied separately.
The front sight is fixed to the counterweight by a socket head screw (#6) located over the muzzle.
To replace it, use the supplied Allen key to unscrew the socket head screw. Extract front sight from its seat with an upward movement. After replacing front sight, tighten the screw without forcing.

c. Slide (#11)
Houses the firing pin and firing pin spring (#14), and the extractor (#15).

d. Recoil spring (#12) and recoil spring guide (#13)
Absorbs recoil and returns the slide to its forward position.

e. Frame(#18)
Serves as a support for all major components.

Frame. Model 76 Standard.

f. Magazine (#44-49)
Has a 10 round capacity. The floorplate (#45) features a lip that aids in withdrawing the mag and in gripping the gun more firmly.
To make loading easier, press down the follower (#48) by acting on the screw #49.
Magazine. Beretta. Model 76 Standard.

g. Grips (#50-51)
The pistol is factory supplied with black plastic, checkered grips. On request, semi-anatomical walnut grips with thumb rest are available.

Frame, slide and barrel are machined from steel forgings, while the barrel-counterweight is made from a light aluminium alloy.

Grips. Beretta. Model 76 Standard.

Other characteristics

- Safeties
1. The manual safety lever (#21) located on the left side of the frame. When engaged (lever in the up position -the red warning dot concealed-), it locks the sear and the slide in the closed position.
Note: the first samples of the mod. 76 have a button type safety.
2. The half-cock position of the hammer.

- Trigger pull
It is not adjustable. The factory trigger pull is about 1.5-1.7 kg.

- Slide stop lever (#32)
Holds the slide to the rear after the last cartridge has been fired and ejected.


Beretta. Model 76 Standard.


1. Make sure the pistol is unloaded. Remove the magazine by depressing the magazine release button (it is located at the bottom of the left grip.).
2. Retract the slide to the rear until the cutout on the right side of the slide and the disassembly lever are alined.
3. Holding the slide in this position, rotate the disassembly lever counterclockwise until it stops.
4. Pull forward slide-barrel assembly, recoil spring and recoil spring guide.
5. Pressing the recoil spring guide head, lift the recoil spring guide and let the spring stretch slowly.
6. Separate the barrel-counterweight from the slide.

Reassemble following above procedures in reverse order.

Technical features


.22 L.R.

System of operation:

semiautomatic, blow-back


exposed, single action


233 mm


30 mm


143 mm

eight with
empty magazine:

930 gr

Barrel length:

150 mm


R.H., 6 grooves (pitch 350 mm)

Line of sight:

176 mm


front: blade, interchangeable (3 sizes)
rear: V notch, adjustable for elevation and windage


single line, 10 rounds


- manual safety on the left side of the frame:
it locks the sear and the slide in the closed position;
- half-cock position of the hammer


- frame and slide: polished blue finish
- barrel-counterweight: matte black finish with a smooth surface


plastic, checkered;
on request, semi-anatomical walnut grips with thumb rest

NOTE: the “S” version (mod. 76S) differs from the mod. 76 in the counterweight finish that features a rough surface, the shape of the slide stop lever, and the number of the counterweight locking screws (two instead of one).

Today mod. 76 and mod. 76S pistols are out of production superseded by the new mod. 89 Standard.


Beretta. Model 76 Standard.

click on the picture to download the enlarged version.)

1. Barrel  19. Ejector  37. Trigger bar spring pin
2. Counterweight  20. Ejector spring pins (2)  38. Trigger bar
3. Counterweight locking screw 21. Safety lever  39. Trigger bar pin
4. Counterweight locking
spring pin
 22. Safety lever spring and
spring guide
 40. Trigger bar release rod
5. Front sight 23. Hammer  41. Magazine release button
6. Front sight locking screw  24. Hammer pin  42. Magazine release button spring
7. Rear sight  25. Mainspring  43. Magazine catcher
8. Rear sight pin  26. Hammer strut  44. Magazine tube
9. Rear sight screw for elevation
 27. Mainspring detent  45. Magazine floorplate
10. Rear sight springs (2)  28. Sear  46. Magazine floorplate retainer
11. Slide  29. Sear pin  47. Magazine spring
12. Recoil spring  30. Sear spring  48. Magazine follower
13. Recoil spring guide  31. Disassembly lever  49. Magazine follower screw
14. Firing pin and firing pin spring  32. Slide stop lever  50. Left grip
15. Extractor  33. Slide stop lever spring  51. Rear grip
16. Extractor pin  34. Slide stop lever screw  52. Grip screws
17. Extractor spring  35. Trigger  53. Grip fastening screw
18. Frame  36. Trigger bar spring

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