17th February 2008

Yarygin Pistol (MP-443 “GRACH” Army Pistol)

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Yarygin Pistol (MP-443 “GRACH” Army Pistol)

Calibre:9×19 mm Luger
Overall dimensions, mm: 198x140x38
Barrel length, mm: 112,5
Weight, unloaded, kg: 0,95
Magazine capacity, rounds: 18
SA trigger pull, N, max: 24,5
DA trigger pull, N, max: 58,9
Sighting range: 50 m

Developed on the Russia`s Defence Ministry order.

Classic design of a pistol with a steel frame and hammer-type DA trigger action.

  • Short recoil automatic action. Tilted barrel breech locking system.
  • Non-automatic ambidextrous safety, if engaged blocks sear, trigger, hammer and slide.
  • The hammer can be blocked either cocked or decocked. Ambo safety and reversible magazine release facilitate using the gun for left or right-handed shooters. Extractor also serves as a chamber loading indicator.

From: http://www.baikalinc.ru/en/company/268.html

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