19th February 2008

IZH-75 Compact Sporting Pistol

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IZH-75 Compact Sporting Pistol
Cartridge: 5,45×18
Magazine capacity, rounds: 8
Barrel length, mm: 85
Overall dimensions, mm, max: 155x109x20
Weight, unloaded, kg, max: 0,46
Sight: fixed

Derived from one of the most sub-compact PSM pistol. 5,45х18 mm round offers a low recoil, perfect patterning and high armour-piercing effect. Blow-back operated. Double action hammer-type firing mechanism. Unique safety system: safety lever being “on” decocks the hammer and blocks firing pin and slide. A thumb only move allows switching it off and cocking the hammer. Open sights – square-notched rear sight. Easy to operate compact and light pistol blends high round efficiency with a small dimensions and weight of the weapon.

From: http://www.baikalinc.ru/en/company/60.html

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